rara avis.


rara avis, n. (or, rare bird) A rare or unique person or thing.

I'm a collection of organic molecules called Raven. I'm a twenty-one year old art school dropout/soon to be culinary student hailing from Birmingham, AL. I'm in love. I'm vegan. I have awesome friends. Proud cat/dog/rat mom. Obsessive Whovian. I'm stoked on life.

This is so infuriating. I do all of these things. I work two jobs. (35ish hours a week, just a smidge below full time.) and I take fifteen hours of classes every semester. I don’t spend money on anything but food and gas. And yet I’m poor. And at this point it feels like I will be poor forever. I was poor growing up, and am now. I hope to get a good teaching job when I graduate college, but I don’t think I’ll ever be rich, by any means. You can get as many scholarships as you want, but college isn’t going to be debt free for most of us. I’m 19 and in debt. I’m 19 and work my fucking ass off, I feel world weary already at times. I am the 99%.

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